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How much does a dream cost-- and how long do you want it to last? Two 21-year-old Philadelphia working girls recently bought themselves a millionaire's dream -- a fabulous week in the playgrounds of Havana. 

One girl broke open her piggy bank to finance it -- the other, who had no fat porker to fall back on, merely smiled demurely at a real bank, and watched her magic carpet arrive at Gate 6. 

Like all the dreams of good little working girls, this vacation dream of Elaine Hoss, of Manoa, and Kathy O'Mallery, of Philadelphia, came equipped with whole new wardrobes -- from bathing suits to dance dresses to wear under palm-shaded moons. 

The cost? Hold your breath. For the clothes, transportation, food, tours, accommodations at Havana's most luxurious hotels - all meant little more than $7 weekly out of each girl's approximately $50 pay check for a year. The trip itself, with out the wardrobe, would have been $4 a week. 

Thanks to a beautifully wrapped-up vacation package arranged by local airline officials, Havana, Miami, even Nassau, are no longer the never, never lands for the average person. 

Scheduled for "off season" months (which, as far as we can see, are just as pleasant as winter's peak months), these trips are giving young people an opportunity to dance to Cuban drums -- and are keeping the tropical moons in practice by sending budgeted honeymooners to these holiday lands the year round. 

Just like a fairy Godmother, the airline listens to your vacation plans... and if you don't have enough money, helps finance the trip. 

You are picked up in Philadelphia's Southwest Airport, flown in luxury airliners to Havana (or Miami, or Nassau) so that you arrive in time for tea (or a delicious pineapple rum).  

You are put up at such luxury quarters as the famous and beautiful Nacionale  Hotel in Havana, taken on tours throughout the island's historical spots, and seven days and six nights later are returned to philadelphia -- for just about $200! 

Cooperating with the airlines, a Philadelphia shop has inaugurated a Career Advisory Service to help plan budget wardrobes for such vacations -- or any other purpose. 

Kathy O'Malley, who lives at 5969 Ogontz ave., fattened her piggy bank up until it registered a neat $350. Cashing it in, she put aside  around $150 for a vacation wardrobe (almost complete) and the rest went for her week to Havana. 

A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O'Malley, Kathy was graduated from Little Flower High School in 1945. She put her dark-haired, grey-eyed charm to work modeling for a while, then accepted a job as a receptionist. To her Havana had been only a place on the map. She still scarcely believes she was there -- in spite of the smattering of impish freckles to prove her exposure to the Latin sun. 

Blonde, blue-eyed Elaine Hoss heard about the "dream vacation" while working on her new job as an airline hostess. Thought she hadn't been working long enough to have a plump piggy bank, she solved her difficulties by accepting the travel finance plan. 

Elaine is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hoss, attended Haverford School, and worked for a while as a receptionist at a law firm. 

For her the best budget allowed for clothes was $130, but it included a suit to travel in and an evening gown for such spots as the beautiful Sans Souel. 

The girls returned slightly dazed, considerably tanned, and properly impressed with the power of the piggy bank. "If only girls just knew," the vivacious Kathy breathed, "how they would save those quarters!"

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