Our Memories of the 70's
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Our Memories of the 70's
By Mark Mazzie     

My "memories" with National are short-lived, as I only flew for about six months due to my desire to return to college in Boston. 

My uncle, Vincent Mazzie, who worked in Computer OOPS for National had lured me to Miami with the promise that there would be about 40 guys and 2000 female flight attendants. Being 20 years old, he painted quite an enticing picture of the workplace. After 12 years in Catholic School the job was an eye opener.

I enjoyed my six months in the air, all of it "on call." I returned to Boston and received my graduate degree from Harvard and worked for about two years in mgt. with Northwest Airlines. 

I have a lot more memories that probably are not suitable for publication. Being one of the few guys, we always had our own hotel rooms and the parties would usually end up in our room. New Year's Eve 1977 at the Doral Hotel in NYC was a particularly interesting evening. 

I'd love to know what happened to my classmates.  I know that Wayne Startari passed away.  I had kept in touch with Rosemary Byrne for a number of years but we lost touch when Pan Am folded and I'm not sure where she ended up. Debbie Trowbridge and Laura Mullendore and I were a few of the trainees who were from out-of-town and NAL put us up during training at a flea bag hotel near the office.

A lot of my memories come from that period of time.  There was a cook at the hotel, an old guy with no teeth, who kept sticking love notes into Laura Mullendore's food. She'd be eating mashed potatoes when she'd find a greasy piece of paper stuck to her fork. Maybe you had to be there, but it kept us in stitches for the entire training period. One of our classmates was dating a Jai-lie player and we used to go to bet on his matches. 

As a male flight attendant I had the good fortune to often work in the lower galleys of the DC-10.  Most of the women didn't want to work there.  For us it was great as we often wore our old clothes and stayed down there the whole flight. Overall it was a great deal of fun. I worked with some very nice people and had two very interesting conversations with Bud Maytag on a couple of occasions. 

Mark Mazzie