Organization of Former Stewardesses and Flight Attendants with the Original National Airlines
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From Buccaneers To Sunbursts - The Original National Airlines
History of the Original National Airlines from 1937 - 1980


Our wings arne't new any more...


National Sundowners' web site is dedicated to preserving and honoring the history of our stewardesses and flight attendants. There are links to each decade which has the flight attendant/stewardess uniforms pictures, aircrafts flown in that era with historical facts, memorabilia, timetables and a link to merchandise that you may purchase through our company store.

A successful company is not achieved through the efforts of just one person or department. Although we were the ones who were in constant contact with the public, the success of National Airlines was a TEAM EFFORT BY ALL OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEES!

In recognition of our "Other Family" (fellow employees) and the many wonderful passengers who made our careers so rewarding... We proudly dedicate this web site to each of you with great affection and heartfelt thanks.

Our Captain has informed us "NATIONAL AIRLINES "FLIGHT OF MEMORIES" is ready for immediate departure. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. For your in-flight enjoyment on the following page you will find links to your favorite decade. Relive the golden years of flight with National Airlines with many pictures of flight attendant uniforms, slogans, advertisement, historical facts and much more. Please take time to sign our "Trip Log," found under Favorite Links and let us know how you enjoyed your flight.

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