The 50's
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 Stewardesses Who Flew In The 50's
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Before you read the history of National Airlines in the 50's, we are starting this decade off with a special tribute to one of our own - Mary Frances Housley "Frankie"  
"A Girl Named Frankie" 
Bravest Woman in America Saving lives in a burning airplane is a job for stalwart men in asbestos suits, not for pretty 24 year-old girls. But Mary Frances Housley went back into the flaming wreckage 11 times.  What made her do that......  
Article from Readers Digest May, 1966 
By  MacKinlay Kantor 
You may wish to enjoy this story as it was originally written. Each page has been scanned for your pleasure. However if you prefer we also offer a text transcript of the story
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