40's Advertisements
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The 40's Advertisements
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The advertisement for National Airlines was slowly changing, reflecting  the newest crew member, the stewardess. 
Magazine ad 1940
There's a new Southern hospitality in the skies over Florida's Everglades, and all along National Airlines "Buccaneer Route."  Air travelers between New Orleans and Miami now relax in the big ship comforts of Lockheed Lodestars flying daily schedules. This new National Airlines luxury is transcontinental luxury.  That means "stand up" head room for tall men...the personalized attentions of trim airline hostesses...an individual window for every passenger...and even your own private radio receiver.  That's how National Airlines has given new charm to Southern travel.  The spaciousness of new Lockheed Lodestars, plus the magnificent Gulf Coast scenery from the air makes the National Airlines route a "must" for every South-bound traveler.

In 1949, National inaugurated the DC-6 "Star" First Class service.
"Luxury aloft is yours on National's Proudest flights. Red Carpet service, music and flowers, incomparable cuisine. "Starlight" lounge designed for card games, conversation and beverage service. All are yours on National's World famed "Star." Every "Star" flight is equipped with radar, National's watchdog in the sky, to assure the smoothest, most comfortable flight ever.
National Stewardess on hand to answer questions at a "Star" promotional display.

piggie bank
200 "Flying Porkies" being shipped on National C-46 to NAL ticket counters and to travel agents for piggy bank promotions.

In 1949, National launched the extremely successful "Piggy Bank Vacation," a low fare coach service to Florida and Cuba, during the off-peak summer months.  This program allowed the hotels and resorts to remain open and profitable during the summer. 
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1945 NAL map 1945 NAL timetable


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