Our acknowledgments to all the great people who have worked so hard on this project. From pilots and past cabin crew, to people who just have a love for aviation. Thanks!
National Airlines Sundowners

NAL starOur Page of "Acknowledgments"

Just as an airline depends on team work to be successful, the same holds true for developing a project of this magnitude.  Thank you to the following NAL family members who generously donated their time, energy and pictures for this site.  The camaraderie, unique among airlines, reminded me again how fortunate I am to be a part of National history!  
Robin Matell - Former VP of Public Relations, National Airlines    
Thank you for working tirelessly with your on-line English student. Your input, suggestions and generous sharing of pictures were invaluable to me.   
Mary (Cahill) Daniel - Former NAL Stewardess, Director of the Sundowners   
Thank you for having the faith that I could accomplish this project.  You have always been encouraging and a great partner!   
Jim West - My special "amigo" and a NAL "Brat."    
Votre accord d'amende était magnifique!  Your love of NAL, extensive knowledge of piston driven and turbo prop aircraft's, enabled me to "Take off" on the correct runway.  
LeRoy Brown - Captain, National Airlines     
Your love for our airline "Shines" with each memory you shared. It has been a pleasure "Flying" memory lane with you!   
Judith (Spiess) Howard  (NAL stewardess)  
Your attention to detail improved every page!  I appreciate the many hours you worked with me, in the process I have gained a new friend! Honorable mention Patrick Howard.   The poem "Girl In The Sky" was contributed by Judy.  

Angel McConnell. - daughter of Elaine Hoss 
Thank you for sharing so many of your great photographs for our memorabilia and decade sections. 

Squadron Shop 
Thank you Rick for our Wee Bee's.  Please check his site as any airplane, military or airline can be made and the prices are very reasonable.  To see the Wee Bee's of NAL, check out the NAL Store and Contact Us. 

Carolyn and Tom Clarkson
For the wonderful picture of their shadow box of wings.
Robin Brooks - Our wonderful new web master!  
Robin has earned her "frequent fliers miles" reworking this site with me. Her creativity, flexibility and knowledge of web mastering has enabled this site to have the professional style we desired.  Our next goal - to be voted "Top 100" in aviation sites!    
We thank all of you who have written to us with your positive comments. In researching National Airlines, we realized that information on our profession was sketchy. Another airline's president, in the 30's, expressed our beliefs. He reminded the media that we are one of the airlines' most valuable assets, an integral part of commercial aviation. This is just the first step in documenting our history. With your help, we will "Shine"!  

Mary & Suzanne 


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